Alex is a writer, editor, and comics fiend.

His fiction, essays and comics have been published in Meanjin, Island, Stilts, Scum Mag, Seizure, Meet Me In The Pit, and elsewhere.

He is the editor of Bonfire Park โ€” an ekphrastic project that couples strange videogames with poets, writers, and artists โ€” as well as The Best of The Lifted Brow: Volume Two.

He has made "games", taken photos, destroyed your faith in music, fallen down wells, told lies, etc. etc.

Alex was born in Hobart, Tasmania.

Fact zone:

  • Learnin'd: BA (Honours) in Creative Writing from RMIT University.

  • Livin': Melbourne, Australia.

  • Tweetin': @alexbennetts

  • Grammin': @aleximho

  • Currently on Jobs: Learning Designer.

  • Previously on Jobs: Editor, legal secretary, copywriter, notetaker, band booker, pizza delivery driver.

  • Award Loser:

    • Shortlisted for the Woollahra Digital Literary Award 2019 for 2133/Osaka, a long short story about futurist art, Airbnb scams and dislocation.

    • Longlisted for the Richell Prize for Emerging Writers 2022 for Reality at Capacity, a short story collection manuscript populated by losers, pushovers and burnouts (write wot u kno??) whose mundane lives are swallowed by the eerie.

  • Tied for first place, though:

    • in a three-day, word-centric Survivor game.

Love letters:

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